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Mint Propagation: Simple Steps In Growing Mint Plants Right Into Your Backyard

Do you ever wonder how mint plants are grown? And does it cross your mind to grow your own mint plant, right in your backyard or even into that container you just bought at a Home Depot? 

Well yes, you just read it right. The Mint plant is a family of herbs with flexible and fast-growing characteristics, making it easy to grow in any environment. With the right amount of sunlight and good soil, it can easily double its volume. Mint plants are commonly used for culinary, medicinal, and aromatic purposes. However, human activities have evolved and so too the nature of consumer demand for mint plants.  

With increased awareness of herbal benefits, it opened inquiries and interest among consumers to try and grow their own mint plants at home. 

Nature of Mint Plants

There are over 600 types of mint plants in the world. Most mint species are aromatic in nature and release strongly scented vapors when crushed or cut. Mint plants have distinctive leaves, stems and flower structures that make them unique among ornamental plants. The stems of mint plants are square-shaped and mint growers can easily identify mint stems when rolled between their fingers or thumbs. Stems and leaves of mint plants are most commonly used in culinary menus for centuries for their health benefits. 

Leaves of mint plants vary in shape, size, and colors as well. Most mint leaves sprout symmetrically and can be wide or narrow with a mostly blunt tip. Leaf colors vary from dark green, blue, grey-green, and paler to shades of yellow. 

Health Benefits Of Mint Plants

From the typical herbal medicine and culinary use, Mint plant consumption has evolved as part of different human activities. Some of which are fresheners and oil essentials for mindfulness or sleep relaxation. If you are interested to grow mint plants, here are some deeper health benefits of mints:

  • Help Relieve Indigestion
  • Helps in Oral Issues
  • Acts as Brain Tonic
  • Increase Immunity
  • Help in Weight Loss 
  • Helps in relieving Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Beats Stress and Depression:
  • Helps in reducing breastfeeding pain

You can find the detailed benefits of growing your Mint plant when you click the hyper link.

How Mint Plants Help The Earth Breath

Mint plants are easy to grow and can flourish in containers. Typically, mints and other herbs are best grown directly in the soil. Their nature is invasive and they spread all over the place. This makes them idea for keeping weeds at bay.

For any plant, when grown or propagated directly in the soil, the simple process of soil cultivation can help plants breathe in air. By cultivating the soil, it helps plant roots to move and grow. And we know that when plants grow, we benefit by inhaling the oxygen they produce. 

For growers who have limited home space, Mint's flexibility to flourish even in small containers can be a good way to maximize areas in creating an eco-friendly home and community. Plants are all essential in the balance of our ecosystem. The rise of industrial and residential projects threatens this eco-balance. 

Minimize artificial production. We do realize that Mint's consumption has largely evolved both in purpose and volume. One of the popular uses of mint nowadays is for passive human activities such as mouth-body fresheners and essential oils promotion of artificial mint production. 

To know how to propagate mints in 3 simple steps, watch this video and let us know what you think


The benefits you can get from growing your own Mint plant are limitless. From health to everyday consumption, who would have thought you can contribute to remediating environmental problems too? 

What do you think of our article for today? What nature and health benefits of the mint plants you find very interesting? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Article written by kiaibarretto@gmail.com

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